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18-09-2020 | Edited News

Human Rights Council - Vote Belarus 18SEP2020


UNOG-NEWS Human Rights Council - Vote Belarus 18SEP2020

18-09-2020 | Edited News , Conference extracts

Human Rights Council - Urgent Debate Belarus 18SEP2020


Belarus debate in spotlight at Human Rights Council. The Belarus Government should end “violent crackdowns” and “increasing repression” against protesters who are still contesting the result of last month's Presidential elections, UN deputy rights chief Nada Al Nashif told the Human Rights Council on Friday.

16-09-2020 | Edited News

Venezuela - Fact Finding Mission Report


Venezuela: Human Rights Council-appointed fact-finding report urges accountability for crimes against humanity. Rights violations against anti-Government protesters in Venezuela “amounted to crimes against humanity”, UN-appointed rights investigators have said in their first report.

15-09-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Record August Temperatures - WMO


Hottest summer on record in north fuels concerns over wildfire destruction on US west coast. The northern hemisphere has just had its hottest summer and warmest August on record, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Tuesday, amid searing conditions that have contributed to devastating wildfires on the US west coast.

14-09-2020 | Edited News

Human Rights Council - Belarus 14SEP2020


Belarus concerns lead opening session of Human Rights Council. UN Member States gathered in person in Geneva on Monday for a new session of the Human Rights Council; proceedings began with a decision to hold a rare Urgent Debate on the situation in Belarus.

09-09-2020 | Edited News

Yemen Report - Group Of Eminent Experts


Fresh war crimes fears highlighted in new Yemen report. The war in Yemen continues to ravage the country and its people, senior UN-appointed rights investigators said on Wednesday, as they called for the first time for an international criminal probe into suspected war crimes and sanctions against perpetrators.

04-09-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing Resurging Violence in DRC - Kasai UNHCR 04SEP2020


UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing Resurging Violence in DRC - Kasai UNHCR