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21-01-2022 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing Tigray- Eritrea Refugees’ Plight UNHCR 21 January 2022


For the first time in three weeks, aid teams have reached refugee camps in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, only to find the Eritreans living there “scared and struggling to get enough to eat”, the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, said on Friday.

18-01-2022 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing Yemen Conflict Escalation OHCHR - UNOG 18 January 2022


Escalating conflict in Yemen has seen an alarming number of air and drone strikes already this year, notably against civilians and non-military targets, the UN rights office, OHCHR, said on Tuesday.

11-01-2022 | Edited News

UNOG-NEWS 2022 Humanitarian Response Plans for Afghanistan and the Region Griffiths - Grandi 11 January 2022


The UN and partners launched a more than $5 billion funding appeal for Afghanistan and the region on Tuesday, in the hope of shoring up collapsing basic services there, which have left 22 million in need of assistance inside the country and 5.7 million more requiring help beyond its borders.

11-01-2022 | Edited News , Press Conferences

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing 11 January 2022


Alessandra Vellucci, Director of the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) in Geneva, chaired the hybrid briefing, attended by the spokespersons and representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Labour Organization and the World Health Organization.

10-01-2022 | Edited News , Press Conferences

Afghanistan Appeal OCHA - UNHCR


UN launches largest single country aid appeal to prevent Afghanistan’s collapse

16-12-2021 | Edited News

2021 Human Rights Council President Nazhat Shameem Khan


After one of the busiest years in the history of the Human Rights Council, its President Nashat Shameen Khan insisted that the UN forum remains more relevant than ever, citing action on COVID-19 vaccine inequity, climate change and no less than five Special Sessions in Geneva.

10-12-2021 | Edited News

UNHCR - Cameroon Displacement


A flare-up in intercommunal fighting in northern Cameroon has forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes and brought a halt to aid operations there, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Friday.

09-12-2021 | Edited News , Press Conferences

WHO - SAGE COVID-19 Presser


Early laboratory data on the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the Omicron COVID-19 variant is useful, but it is still unclear how effective they will be treating severely sick patients, a UN health agency panel said on Thursday.

03-12-2021 | Edited News

UNOG-NEWS-UNHCR Afghanistan Winter Campaign


Avoiding starvation an immediate priority for 3.5 million in Afghanistan: UNHCR

01-12-2021 | Edited News , Press Conferences

2022 Humanitarian Plan - OCHA Press Conference 01 December 2021


UN launch plan to alleviate suffering in 2022 as humanitarian needs continue to rise

30-11-2021 | Edited News

WHO COVID-19 - Omicron Comment


WHO urges caution as scientists race to understand the new Omicron variant

29-11-2021 | Edited News

Funding Sustainable Development-DSG Mohammed


A summit for sustainable finance opened on Monday in Geneva in which speakers highlighted how transitioning to a sustainable economy today is our joint responsibility, particularly in view of the climate emergency. The financial sector has a crucial role to play, alongside regulatory authorities and innovators, they maintained. Between 2019 and 2020, sustainable investment rose by 31 per cent in Switzerland, to over 1,500 billion francs, the organisers of the Building Bridges Summit said.

26-11-2021 | Edited News

Hunger in Northen Ethiopia - WFP


Spike in hunger levels across northern Ethiopia as a direct result of ongoing conflict.

23-11-2021 | Edited News

Marib alert (Yemen) - UNHCR


Amid escalating conflict in Yemen, UN humanitarians warned on Tuesday that access to lifesaving aid is becoming harder for civilians in Marib governorate, including more than one million people who are estimated to be displaced there.

18-11-2021 | Edited News

Young Activists Summit 2021 takes place in Geneva


In Geneva the Young Activists Summit is taking place. Six young people with inspirational plans for our world have come to the United Nations to share their hopes and dreams, and to show other young people what can be achieved when a vision of making the world a better place becomes reality.

16-11-2021 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: UN Human Rights Spokesperson Liz Throssell briefing on Ethiopia


According to reports, at least 1,000 individuals are believed to have been detained over the past couple of weeks – with some reports putting the figure much higher.

12-11-2021 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing: Belarus-Poland Crisis - OHCHR-UNHCR


Amid growing concerns about the plight of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers at the Poland-Belarus border, UN agencies on Friday urged all parties to respect their human rights and to refrain from using them for political ends.

10-11-2021 | Edited News

UNOG-NEWS All United for Earth from Geneva to Glasgow for COP26 10 November 2021


Miscellaneous shots of video mapping on the front wall of Palais des Nations, Geneva. Various shots of the silent march preparation in support of the COP26 in Glasgow, starting in front of the Palais des Nations going to the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle.

09-11-2021 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing: WHO - Risk of Syringe Shortage


The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of a global risk of syringe shortage in 2022

05-11-2021 | Edited News , Conference extracts

Special Session on Sudan - Human Rights Council


Sudan coup: Human Rights Council hears calls for return to democratic rule International calls for the restoration of democratic government in Sudan continued on Friday, as the Human Rights Council met in special session in Geneva to discuss the recent coup by the Sudanese military against the Transitional Government.

05-11-2021 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-Weekly Press Briefing Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) WFP 05 November 2021


With cyclones occurring more frequently and causing a lot of damage, the World Food Programme (WFP) has started a drone hub to respond faster to emergencies

03-11-2021 | Edited News , Press Conferences

OHCHR press conference on Tigray - 03 November 2021


Tigray - Joint investigation into alleged violations of international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law committed by all parties to the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia – report by the UN Human Rights Office and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

26-10-2021 | Edited News

WFP-FAO Afghanistan on Countdown to Catastrophe 26 October 2021


Half of Afghanistan’s population face acute hunger without urgent humanitarian relief

25-10-2021 | Edited News , Press Conferences

WMO Virtual Press Conference 25 October 2021


The world is “way off-track” in containing global temperature rise, warns WMO

22-10-2021 | Edited News , Press Conferences

Syrian Constitutional Committee Press Briefing 22 October 2021


‘Big disappointment’ over lack agreement in Syria constitution drafting process

22-10-2021 | Edited News

Syria Constitutional Committee SE meets the Co-Chairs 22OCT2021


Syria Constitutional Committee – Day 5 Arrivals and Meeting