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24-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Refugee Health Workers COVID-19 Latin America - UNHCR


UNHCR: Refugee health workers step up for coronavirus response in Latin America

23-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Press Conference: Libya Ceasefire Violations - UNSMIL


Concern for Libya's civilians mounts as fighting continues even in face of pandemic and calls for global ceasefire

22-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Press Conference: COVID-19 / Earth Day - WMO


Fall in carbon emissions linked to COVID-19 won’t halt climate change, says UN weather agency chief

21-04-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: DR Congo Flooding UNHCR


UNHCR: Massive floods in DRC’s South Kivu impact 80,000 people, kill dozens

17-04-2020 | Edited News

UN Human Rights briefing renewed violence in Ituri, DRC -Continued fighting in Libya impact on civilians, hospitals.


Renewed inter-communal violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s eastern province of Ituri, resumed in this province on the Ugandan border. The United Nations Joint Human Rights office in the DRC published a report in January that this type of acts of violence, if committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against the civilian population, may constitute crimes against humanity.

17-04-2020 | Edited News

UN Human Rights briefing Myanmar-Bangladesh - Rohingya


30 Rohingya refugees from Myanmar were found dead on board a boat in the Bay of Bengal, that had been drifting at sea for 2 months. Nearly 400 others were found on board this fishing trawler by the Bangladesh coast guard attempted to make landfall on Bangladesh's southeast coast near Cox's Bazar.

17-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Press conference: Food Supply Chain COVID-19 - FAO


FAO: World has enough food to withstand COVID crisis, says UN agency

14-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: WFP-WHO Solidarity Flight Covid-19 Response


The first United Nations “Solidarity Flight” is scheduled to leave Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this afternoon - from there, the aircraft will transport the vital medical cargo to all countries in Africa, where supplies are desperately needed to contain the spread of COVID-19.

07-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Somalia COVID-19 Preparedness - OCHA - WFP


With seven confirmed COVID-19 cases in Somalia, the United Nations and their humanitarian partners in the country are urgently reprioritizing activities to help prepare the response to the pandemic.

03-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: UN Human Rights on COVID-19 - Prisons


Rupert Colville, Spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR):  “After the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s last week urged governments to reduce overcrowding in prisons in order to prevent catastrophic rates of COVID-19 infection, we are encouraged to note that a number of countries have indeed been taking action on this front.

03-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Sudan - COVID 19 Humanitarian Impact OCHA


The spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Jens Laerke said that “seven COVID-19 cases including two deaths have been confirmed - all cases arrived from abroad and are receiving medical treatment in isolation centres in Khartoum.”

02-04-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Sahel - COVID-19 Food Security Threat - WFP


Burkina Faso crisis and COVID-19 concerns highlight pressure on Sahel food security. Food insecurity levels in the Sahel region are “spiralling out of control”, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Thursday, as it expressed concerns about the potential impact on humanitarian supply chains because of restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

31-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: COVID-19 Humanitarian Update UNICEF - OCHA - WFP


From DR Congo to Libya and Syria, humanitarians adjust to COVID-19

27-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Appeal to COVID-19 Response - IFRC


Nearly USD 825 million are needed for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to assist the world’s most vulnerable communities to face the new coronavirus, according to a revised emergency appeal for the pandemic launched in Geneva today.  

24-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Special Envoy for Syria Geir O Pedersen - Ceasefire Message


UN Syria envoy appeals for nationwide ceasefire to halt COVID-19. An immediate ceasefire is needed in Syria to prevent the spread of COVID-19, top United Nations negotiator for Syria, Geir O Pedersen, said on Tuesday, as he reiterated his willingness to work with all warring parties to ensure that the truce holds.

20-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: COVID-19 WFP - OCHA


UN aid teams work round the clock to ensure humanitarian support to millions. Humanitarian actors are gearing up to find solutions for vulnerable communities hardest-hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including millions of children whose schools have closed, depriving them of essential meals, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday.

17-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: COVID-19 Preparedness - OCHA


Millions of people in crises will need UN humanitarian aid in midst of COVID-19 pandemic

13-03-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Syria Humanitarian Update OCHA - WFP


As Syrian conflict enters 10th year, ‘brutal truth’ is there is little protection for families

12-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Steakout: Human Rights Council COVID-19 Suspension - Continuity


Human Rights Council announces ‘orderly suspension’ of activities linked to COVID-19

10-03-2020 | Edited News

Press Conference: UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran


Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman on the situation of human rights in Iran – welcomes mass prisoner release linked to COVID-19

10-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

COVID-19 Human Rights Council


Human Rights Council settles into new home in response to Coronavirus COVID-19 threat

09-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Press Conference: COVID-19 Economic Impacts UNCTAD


COVID-19: likely to cost $1 trillion in 2020, says UN economist, calls for confidence-building measures

06-03-2020 | Edited News



After the last Ebola patient was discharged on March 3rd at an Ebola treatment center in Beni, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced today the beginning of a 42-day observation period before it can declare the end of the Ebola outbreak - if there are no new cases diagnosed. WHO and partners have been combating the disease for the last 19 months.

06-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: COVID-19 OHCHR - WMO


COVID-19: countries, businesses must protect people as virus spreads, urges UN rights chief

04-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

Press Conference: Covid-19 Economic Impacts UNCTAD


Coronavirus COVID-19 wipes $50 billion off global exports in February alone

03-03-2020 | Edited News

Rohingya Joint Response Plan


UN agencies together with the Bangladesh authorities have appealed for $877 million to support hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, where conditions are still not conducive for their safe return, UN refugee agency chief Filippo Grandi said on Tuesday.

02-03-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

HRC Measures on Coronavirus


The President of the UN Human Rights Council, Elisabeth Tichy-Fisslberger, today (2 Mar) announced that the Council will follow measures recommended by the Secretary-General concerning the Covid-19 outbreak and its implications for the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council.

02-03-2020 | Edited News

Press Conference: Commission Of Inquiry on Syria


As children freeze to death in Syria, UN-appointed investigators highlight ongoing likely war crimes

28-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Syria Update WHO - OCHA


‘Mayhem’ in Idlib’s hospitals amid ongoing violence pushing displaced towards Turkish border

27-02-2020 | Edited News , Conference extracts , COVID-19

UNOG-NEWS-HRC 43rd Session Michelle Bachelet Coronavirus COVID-19


Discrimination against those affected by coronavirus/COVID-19 must be tackled head on by Governments everywhere, UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet said on Thursday, in an appeal for “transparency and information” to help combat the epidemic.

25-02-2020 | Edited News

UN75 SG Dialogue Geneva Graduate Institute


Secretary-General says UN needs to recognize failures and "be humble" in better responding to "the will of the people"

24-02-2020 | Edited News , Press Conferences

Press Conference: Secretary General at WHO


UN Chief urges countries to ‘do everything’ against COVID-19, thanks China’s people for sacrifice. While the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the COVID-19 outbreak should not be described as a pandemic because it is not spreading uncontrollably, UN Secretary-General on Monday urged all countries to “do everything” to contain the disease.

24-02-2020 | Edited News , Conference extracts

UNOG-NEWS Human Rights Council Guterres, Muhammad-Bande and Bachelet


People’s basic human rights – their birthright - are “under assault”, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Monday, as he launched a Call to Action aimed at boosting equality and reducing suffering everywhere.

24-02-2020 | Edited News

Press conference: OCHA North-West Syria


Syria: fears of a ‘bloodbath’ as shelling nears terrified, traumatised displacement camps. Around a million civilians in northwest Syria could face “a real bloodbath, a real massacre” amid an ongoing push by Government forces in the country’s last opposition-held region, a senior UN humanitarian warned on Monday.

21-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: North-West Syria OCHA


Fleeing violence in north-west Syria, families now forced to burn clothes to stay warm. Families fleeing violence in north-west Syria have resorted to burning their clothes to protect themselves against freezing winter temperatures, UN humanitarians said on Friday, while also warning of a potential “bloodbath” unless a ceasefire is agreed.

21-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Sahel Emergency UNHCR


Escalating Burkina Faso violence brings wider Sahel displacement emergency into focus. Deadly attacks on villages in Burkina Faso have forced 150,000 people to flee in the last three weeks alone, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said on Friday, warning of a displacement emergency in the wider Sahel region.

18-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Humanitarian Situation in Idlib - Syria OHCHR/WHO/UNICEF


UN right chief, agencies appalled at civilian toll in wartorn Syria’s north-east. Facing freezing temperatures and bombing, more than 900,000  civilians in Syria’s north-west have been forced into ever smaller areas in search of shelter, the UN’s top rights official said on Tuesday.

14-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: North-West Syria WFP - OSE Syria


Vital Idlib aid deliveries resume after ‘heavy bombing’ - WFP

11-02-2020 | Edited News , COVID-19

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Coronavirus Update - WHO


Coronavirus deaths surpass 1,000 as scientists gather at WHO headquarters to discuss next steps

07-02-2020 | Edited News

UNOG Bi-weekly press briefing: Syria - OHCHR


At the United Nations briefing in Geneva Marta Hurtado spokesperson for the Office of the UN high Commissioner for Human Rights, briefed journalist on deep concerns regarding the hostilities and disregard for the protection of civilians as fighting continues to kill and injure scores of civilians around Idlib and Aleppo.