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01-04-2022 | Conference extracts

HRC - Human Rights Situation in the Syrian Arab Republic 01 April 2022


In a resolution (A/HRC/49/L.30) on the Situation of human rights in the Syrian Arab Republic, adopted by a vote of 23 in favour, 7 against and 16 abstentions, the Council decides to extend the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry for a period of one year.  The Council further requests the Commission of Inquiry to present an oral update to the Council during the interactive dialogue at its fiftieth session and to present an updated written report during an interactive dialogue at the fifty-first and fifty-second sessions of the Council.  The Council also decides to transmit all reports and oral updates of the Commission of Inquiry to all relevant bodies of the United Nations, recommends that the General Assembly submit the reports to the Security Council for appropriate action, expresses its appreciation to the Commission for its briefings provided to members of the Council and Assembly, and recommends the continuation of such briefings.

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