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24-11-2022 | Conference extracts

Islamic Republic of Iran statement to HRC


Statement By Ms. Khadijeh Karimi, Deputy of Vice President for Women and Family Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran 


The 35th Special Session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran


24 November 2022

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"Mr. President,

The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets that the Human Rights Council is abused once again by some arrogant States to antagonize a sovereign UN Member State that is fully committed to its obligation to promote and protect the human rights. Reducing the common cause of human rights to a tool for political purposes of specific groups of western countries, is appalling and disgraceful.

The politically motivated move of Germany to distort the situation of human rights in Iran is an orchestrated ploy for ulterior motives which would lead nowhere, but to drive the Human Rights Council from its genuine mandate.

While the rights of Iranian people have widely been violated by the so called champions of human rights__ due to the imposition of unilateral sanctions by the US regime and the implementation of these cruel sanctions by the European countries specifically Germany, the UK and France, as well as by the provision of support to, and hosting of terrorist groups who assassinated more than 17000 innocent Iranians__ expressing concern about the situation of human rights in Iran and holding a special session, is deceptive and fraudulent.

Against such a background, the above mentioned countries lack the moral credibility to preach others on human rights and to request a Special Session on Iran.


 Mr. President,

         This year is the 35th anniversary of the tragic chemical attacks by Saddam’s regime on Kurdish city of Sardasht in Iran. I should remind that the German government, which pretends to be supporting human rights these days, is the very country that equipped Saddam’s regime, with chemical weapons, thereby killing over 13,000 Iranian citizens and injuring more than 100,000, including women and children. This constitutes crime against humanity, doesn’t it?   


 Mr. President,

After the unfortunate decease of Ms. Mahsa Amini, necessary measures were undertaken, including prompt formation of an independent parliamentary investigation commission as well as the forensic medical team. However, before the formal announcement of the probe analysis, the biased and hasty reaction of a number of western authorities and their interventions in internal affairs of Iran, turned the peaceful assemblies into riots and violence, setting the ground for terrorist attacks in several cities such as Shiraz, Izeh, Zahedan, Isfahan and Mashhad.

A number of government-affiliated, anti- Iran TV stations, based in the UK and US, and their relevant accounts in social media acted as provocateurs of hatred, inciting violence and terrorism during the riots.

The role of Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp__ including through creating bogus accounts__ is undeniable especially in spreading disinformation, and provoking hate speech and violence, even through their tutorials on making Molotov Cocktails, during the recent weeks.

Foreign interventions, violence, terrorist activities as well as media provocations, resulted in the death of more than tens of law enforcement officers, injury of thousands of them, and destruction of thousands of public and private properties.

Despite all the foreign interventions and attempts to destabilize the country, the great nation of Iran once again disappointed its enemies; this was marked by the march of millions of people in support of the government, on the 4th of November 2022. 


Mr. President,

I shall remind this body that those who claim the championship of human rights, target the lives of Iranian women and children through imposing or implementing inhumane unilateral sanctions, and supporting terrorist activities against them. The systematic violence against women and girls in their own countries, refusing to accept the women refugees in their countries, as well as keeping silent on women situations in Yemen and the Occupied Palestine, assassination of Palestinian journalist Sheerin Abu-Aqilah, and unmarked graves of indigenous children in Canada, are just a few examples which discredit their alleged claims for women’s rights.


On the situation of women in my country, it should be noted that according to credible statistics and reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran have achieved greatly in empowering women and girls as well as in protecting and promoting their roles and rights in social and public life in the past 4 decades, particularly in the field of education, health, industry, economy, sports and politics, where equal opportunities for women have been provided in all areas of personal and public life.

 A glimpse at few of such statistical reports, reveal that the Iranian women make up 56% of the students of public universities, around 34% of faculty members of public universities, and 40% of specialist physicians. Today, 1,121 female judges, and 2,300 female media managers, 96,998 sports referees, 934,589 professional athletes and 150,384 women as coaches are actively serving their country. It is evident that such highly-achieved women are qualified enough to decide on their own, without the need for the interference of external forces. 

I thank you, Mr. President."






General debate: Country concerned statement.

  • Khadijeh Karimi, Deputy of the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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