HRC 55 Russia - Minute of silence - 25 March 2024
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HRC 55 Russia - Minute of silence - 25 March 2024

Now we will proceed with the consideration
of the outcome of the Russian Federation.
As you know,
the outcome is based on the report of the working Group on
the Universal periodic review of the Russian Federation and its addendum.
These documents, together with the additional information
that will now be provided by the delegation,
will constitute the outcome of the review
and shall be adopted by the Council through a standardised decision.
I now have the pleasure to give the floor to MY Klich,
Director of the Department of International Law and Cooper,
Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
to present
additional information on the review.
Madam, you have the floor,
vice president
distinguished Ladies and gentlemen,
before I move to the main topic of discussion today,
please allow me to raise the issue of the terrible
tragedy which took place Friday evening not far from Moscow,
when a group of armed terrorists stormed into the leisure complex Croker City
Hall and started to fire with automatic weapons on the people there.
As a result of this inhuman act,
more than 140 people died
and several 100 people were wounded
for me
This is a source of personal grief because a close
colleague from the Ministry of Justice died in this attack
and his wife was seriously wounded.
But fortunately she was saved by doctors
and they have two Children. So
we're glad she survived.
Right after this terrorist act,
heads of state and government
heads of international organisations and
NGOs and simple citizens
started to express their condolences to the
relatives of those who died and were wounded
and expressed support and solidarity
for the Russian people, and categorically rejected this terrible crime
and sincere condolences were received from the staff of
accredited permanent representations in Geneva
and international structures here and
NGOs as well.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and
every person who was not indifferent faced with this tragedy.
And here, Vice President,
I would like to ask you please to declare a
minute of silence in memory of those who died.
Yes, I declare a minute of silence