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26-07-2023 | Press Conferences

OHCHR Human Rights Committee Press Conference on Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Cyprus, Lesotho, State of Palestine and Uganda - 26 July 2023


UN Human Rights Committee to present findings on Brazil, Burundi, Colombia,Cyprus, Lesotho, State of Palestine and Uganda  


UN calls on Uganda to repeal Anti-Homosexuality Act  

Uganda faced renewed calls at the UN on Wednesday to repeal legislation targeting same-sex relationships punishable by the death penalty and long prison sentences. 

UN-appointed independent experts from the Human Rights Committee highlighted Uganda’s 2023 Homosexuality Act and voiced deep concern about discrimination and persecution based on sexual orientation and gender identity in the country. 

The independent human rights experts – who monitor international implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights - also urged Uganda to address rising levels of hate speech and violence. Their recommendations echoed UN rights chief Volker Türk’s condemnation in March of the African nation’s Homosexuality Act as “probably among the worst of its kind in the world”. 

Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, here’s the panel’s vice-chair, José Santos Pais    : 

“The grievous sanctions imposed on people that may use this kind of practice is something we can’t understand and which the state party couldn't justify.”  

Turning to Brazil, the Human Rights Committee condemned ongoing attacks and killings of indigenous peoples. Of particular concern, conflict over land-division and resource exploitation which puts vulnerable and marginalized communities in danger. 

The panel also urged Brazil to uphold indigenous peoples’ rights to own their land. 



  • Tania María ABDO ROCHOLL - Chair
  • José Santos Pais - Vice-Chair
  • Carlos Gómez Martínez - Committee member
  • Kobauyah Tchamdja Kpatcha - Vice-Chair


See Press Release PDF Document attached.



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